Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rwanda Workcamp 2006

For the issue, finally, is not judgment. It is understanding. To make the effort to understand what happened in Rwanda is a painful task that we have no right to shirk - it is part of being a moral adult. - Susan Sontag

Thank you for your tax-deductable donations; your funds have been used to build a welding workshop at the Mwana Shuti vocational school (pictured partially-complete above) in Rwanda: Little Chapel of All Nations, Inc.; Nicole Smith; Levi Gomez; Ishmail Sillah; Michael Pockuba; Amjad Chatila; Allan Bushnell; Hymonty Hasib; Ben Mollenhour; Vanessa Robles; Jamie Clayton; Perla Rojas; Kelli Iannarino; Megan Wright; Chelsea Kammeyer; Lindsey Cure; Candace Reveles; Ryan Davis; Allen Godard; Megan Mohaupt; Ryan Russell; Michael Bradfute, Mike Matejka, Gillian Jerome, Sahee Kil & co., Josh Carney, Laura Markowitz, Martha Swan and Vito, Sharonne Gavron, Michelle Kuhns, Leslie Dupont, William Broussard, Hiep Nguyen, Laurie Bergner, Marla Foster, Irene Yeh, Ana Muniz, Arianne Burford and Greg Grewell, and Nancy Hand. Thank you for your loving support: Evelyn Rios, Dalina Castellanos, Corinne Cox, Leann Licata, Sheena Kawamoto, Kristin Reyna, Julia Tenen, Mayra Carpena, Jami Reinsch, Margaret Canovas, Gretchen Hildebran, Caitlin McDonnell, Darcy Alexandra, Claudine L., my parents, and everyone else who has wished me well on this journey. Thank you, especially, my clearness and support committee members: Nancy Hand, Ishmail Sillah, Teena Jo Neal, Erec Toso, Nurdeen Lawal, and Jim Bowman.


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